Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bloody Hands!

Hands are something I know me and a lot of my artist buddies struggle with. We spent all the time at uni doing Life Drawing, taking the time to learn anatomy, weight, form, rhythm, etc. but few of us took the time to learn all those things about hands alone! (...and feet...and faces...that's why a lot of people life drawings may be great but only great for faceless, amputees! )

Since graduating I've spent the odd evening here and there studying hands, but I never stick with it long enough for it to stick with me! So here is attempt number 157! If I can make 30 minutes a day just to study hands over the next few weeks I'll be chuffed.

As mentioned in a previous post, I got a portfolio review with Paul Briggs at Annecy and one story he told us was about a Vis Dev artist who spent a solid month drawing hands all day every day, so that he was able to draw a convincing hand from any angle. Inspiring stuff!

Even just doing this...handful...of drawings this evening, I could reallt feel the difference in my understanding from when I started and when I finished. ...Fingers crossed...I keep it up.


  1. If this was wallpaper, I'd buy a couple rolls. Really great collection of drawings.

  2. Good advice, and ove this one! dynamics flowing and good silhouette valoue.


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